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janet. where did it take. the. reason you believe. the future of. rocks ahead sounds of supplying libyan rebels with weapons saying the vagueness of the u.n. resolution allows quote anyone to do anything. just to tell you that the supreme court. i'm a little while you are trying to negotiate with those a deal it means is that is all it is controlled goes on cues. which attack us the sound of the libyan leader explains to you all to you why do you believe the international criminal court is biased and corrupt our time arrest warrant for the conduct of the family was this some. grease put the number of national companies on
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the market feet you lent just to get the country back on track but the people say it's a sellout. and our top story in business britain has introduced a new anti bribery law affecting firms doing business in the u.k. how can that of pedrosa from you for a business books and to find out. a very warm welcome to you this is our c live from moscow has raised concern over france supplying weapons to libyan rebels in a big u.s. interpretations of the un security council resolution on libya foreign ministers said he left office reiterated that the sides in the syrian conflict should resolve their differences through dialogue alone. is across developments the foreign ministry for. france was the first country to publicly it needs its air dropped
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weapons to libyan territory as southwest of tripoli now has a claim that they did it in order to how to billion still defend themselves and when it comes to protecting civilians that all measures are justified but first russia does not seek we with that position and the french foreign minister said that there is a character for sure in the un security council's resolution regarding libya that's allows them to do so and even though two foreign ministers have the same goal in the end of the day and that is of course a peaceful and democratic libya russian foreign minister does not agree with the resolution itself resolution one hundred seventy three contains chapter four which allows anyone to do anything this very chance it was the cause more problems with the mandate and all other aspects we support it and as we have warned now we're facing a rather unpleasant situations when it can be interpreted in most different ways i think moscow and paris and other u.n.
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security council members are interested for the body to release concise documents to the international law does not need to put up with ambiguity meanwhile watches about thirteen major was speaking in moscow and he said he believes the ground operation in libya is just around the corner and that's operation is going to prolong the conflict and severely worsen the situation in the region in general backstopped on the table during discussions was syria russian foreign minister sergei lavrov once again stressed the country's position on syria that it is against any similar resolution regarding syria as one regarding libya and he said that's a political solution should be found in order to solve the conflict he's also said that opposition members in syria should sit down to be gauche ation table and talk to his government instead of simply ignoring the concessions and reforms assad's government is trying to make the french over minister agree that's a political political so. action is better for sure at this point because we should
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think france is looking for a political solution to the situation in syria it's important the ambitious program of reforms that has been proposed in syria is implemented on the basis of the wishes of the syrian people we believe that the un security council cannot fail to express its position on this and should call for an immediate end to any hostilities in the country meanwhile the representatives of georgian media try to draw parallels between what's happening in libya and what happened in south the city in august two thousand and eight but the foreign minister lavrov gave a very long and detailed explanation how the situation is different he said that our search georgia's assault on south asia president sarkozy and mitigated kind of planned according to which every point russia has fulfilled or georgian site did not and that the only way to protect civilians in republics of south asia and applies it was for russia to recognize them as independent states or the international criminal court says the warrant for the arrest on. on his son as
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the crackdown on protesters in february but in an exclusive interview. sounds that the hate is nothing more than a sham. discord is it is it is an economic or among the accuse me of killing people with the sentence. against the economics of the punishment so they decided to kill and the other did kill. and destroy the house so there's you and me. to excuse so now you are to go out arrest me i mean if you do linens are going to kill me and you are after me every day you are trying to find out if you are there my brother so is the world number two just to tell you that the supreme court. the little one they are trying to negotiate with us
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a deal. with the character of the court what does mean. is that it's is controlled by those countries. which are attacking us every day it's just to put a psychological and political pressure for the us if you are charged by the international criminal court with the design of quotation as state policy aimed at deterring and quelling but any means including by the use of lethal force the demonstrations of civilians against it after his regime which started in february two thousand and seven this is a policy exist. among the accuse me of killing people everybody knows even variables that themselves and then accuse me of using force or because i'm not in the army i'm not in the government so for me to be responsible for killing people it was a big joke second to the people who die at the beginning one hundred fifty nine and north of the people. when it is right and this would happen anywhere and
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anywhere in the world in russia in america in france in germany in italy if. people in the street move towards the train to see the militia or arms. if you will prevent this what happened in benghazi direct question did you or your father. all the army to kill protesters of course and not this number one no second. my father. called. isn't because you know he's one of the niggers or whatever we call him we plan to. use force with people he told us the diking the move to size the guards fired if you don't see the order to be working for themselves under different. we are brothers and there are camps.
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where you can see more of our exclusive interview in the next few hours here on r.t. or you can always find us on our web site r.t. dot com. greece is now set for a lifeline from the e.u. after parliament passed a vote on how to implement tough new austerity measures the costs and tax hikes were a condition for twelve billion euro in additional rescue cash however the move sent thousands of protesters onto the streets of athens i was asking sara first reports plans to sell off greek assets to the highest bidder are all safe fanning the flames. greece is not for sale the message from a furious public has plans to sell off many great assets which is ahead its way through incredibly proud of their heritage many people feel that the privatization proposals is simply stripping greece this public out that's potentially up for
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grabs the lenders banks water companies insuring operators amongst many more a stake in the large telecommunications company eighty it's also up for sale but. there's been a continuous crime for the past twenty years we've sold off our company piece by piece and now we only own a small percentage but a small stake is extremely important to the greek people but they want to sell even that. is a huge turn for the present governments who were heavily opposed to the sale of eighty shares when they were acting as open. who called it a national crime when the previous government soldiers now they want to do the same and sell the shares now at a low price we don't think we'll see investment or any development of actually we think the only thing others will care about is profit profit profit. he continues calls from the conflict to refuse the aggressive privatization proposals forced by
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the troika a seemingly gone on hands there presser from the european union is the remember we would talk about blackmail i guess the greek government critics of anarchy but the banking and acting out of self-interest keeping profits private but the last is to say she lies the thing you hear is not like greeks have to stretch back into deep history to figure this out we can look at latin american we can look at countries all over the world where the i.m.f. has come in and sacrificed and plundered the nation for corporate consolidation and prime minister tapping journey stake of avoiding a country cannot sit all cost but many are now asking just how high a price he's willing to pay someone dies there's something very tragic occurs that's going to be a catalyst for i think a fall of this government the e.u. has stated fairly there's no plan b. hysterically measures being enacted but his theory builds on the streets might be
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tiny things one. r.t. athens. greece is now facing a twenty eight billion euro in cuts to be implemented over the next five. plan saying it will help the country get back onto a partner for country carol turns away from the u.s. based trends from. if you were there is the measures that to me a way to rescue the banks out the people's expense. you could sum up what killed capitalism in four simple words to big to fail. and that's what's going on the banks are failing and they want the people to bail them out because they after all they don't like to take these big guys so they call it for scary key measures and privatization the i.m.f. is nothing more than the international mafia federation it alone shocks of last resort and the people know it they call it privatization adults call it stealing
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valuable public assets and selling it to your friends were really cheap the politicians only represent for people like you the most amount of money so that people know that it's going to continue to be it's all go to war and the greek people know that if you don't stand up they're going to blow you down when you get really hungry you're going to see the riots continue to escalate because what are these so called measures what do they really brain oh they bring a lot more poverty oh they bring a worse g d p o they bring more unemployment so the politicians are doing nothing more than the bidding for those that pay them off. and then say for the u.s. based friends worries that since talking about how much it's going to affect the great mix. it with all sorts of common in the program. what was the
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government accountable trade on you old american citizens people as american soil you this is a shame an f.b.i. sting operation seems three many steps twenty five years behind raising questions about u.s. tactics and icing homegrown terror. and all these between islamabad and washington aim for the killing of osama bin meets a caucus on the mall thing the u.s. shuts. down egyptian cool displaying the trial until september of two thousand. beating of business minutes. incident is thought to have have sparked the country's uprising that ousted president mubarak in february meanwhile officials after clashes in cairo which of left more than a thousand people today. activists are angry with the slow prosecution of a senior officials and police training at the lack of
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a speedy attention of reform since the reports just after its hands he says the current leadership is ignoring people's did not. the government such as it is hasn't responded to the concerns of the people there strikes the suez canal transportation workers people being killed again on the streets of cairo not a peep out of the corporate media and meanwhile we have william burns in cairo talking with mr gentile we the provisional head of the movement of the government and even the trial of the interior minister who is hated so much and be a minister and also has been adjourned people are not getting what they thought they were getting when the trouble was a little dark we must remember the joe biden and hillary clinton didn't want to go as well as the mubarak and his cronies so many of them are retaining power and it's a very dangerous situation and we mustn't forget what's crucial for b. international. outlook is the zoo is kamil that's where trade goes through and it is the most populous country arab country in the arab world and we're not hearing
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anything about is in the corporate news it's as if that revolutions done and dusted in the egyptian people for. three men convicted of trying to blow up synagogues in new york each one sentence of twenty five years in prison but the case is raising huge controversy after they were actually incited by the f.b.i. in terms of fake problems critics claim it was a setup but the job said her hands were tight. for nearly a decade the u.s. has waged a widespread global war on terror it's required a multitasking military effort overseas on the domestic front u.s. officials have decided to double down recently announcing counter terrorism plans that refocused resources i'm combat homegrown plots this is the first character is a strategy that focuses on the ability of al qaeda and its that work to inspire people in the united states to attack us from within and yet in countless so called
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f.b.i. sting operations f.b.i. operatives provided the fake c four actually showed a fake stinger missile the inspiration to attack america has come from a government paid informant working to orchestrate the plan a tactic critics say exercised in a new york case dubbed new work for. the suspects poor illiterate african-american muslims were presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism and subsequently found guilty of conspiring and attempting terrorist attacks against the u.s. no direction by a foreign entity or terrorist group instead direction came from shahid hussain a pakistani immigrant on the f.b.i. payroll reportedly paid one hundred thousand dollars for his services according to court testimony hussein recruited the cash strapped former convicts by offering cars and cash to carry out the operation for individuals the.
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usual use here is a branch. of military or. uber yet not one defended. a passport or license but what the government had was an agent provocateur tor who testified in court as a key witness guilty verdicts for all four mc lyte was islamic felt the same day a new counterterrorism strategy was touted the new birth four were sentenced to twenty five years in prison a tearful and angry crowd of supporters gathered outside manhattan's federal courthouse who was a government accountable trying on your own american citizens he was born right here on american soil you this is a damned shame. miscarriage of justice and we will keep fighting back the government should not be allowed to travel make claims and see the full force. to victims and soon twenty five. f.b.i.
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informants have reportedly been used in dozens of so-called foiled plots since nine eleven critics say hundreds of americans are languishing behind bars for fake terror attacks planted and grown by the u.s. government but our tax dollars are being used to incentivize criminals to you fracture terror plots like they catch other people up in i can't see how that in any way benefits the country music can pick anybody out from new york city or course the united states and make a play you have to be very careful very aware of who you speak to who you are around because you have many their fear agents you have many informants that are out there that they are using the u.s. federal judge said outrageous government be there was absolute size in the keys of the new park for expressing doubt that convicts would of or would a planned attack without the f.b.i. informants however the specific charges against the man require
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a nan dettori you know one sentence of twenty five years in prison prosecutors say they manufactured what would have been up. olof all right stop it carried out and hold the fact that it was paid doesn't matter. or not artsy. or more news than i can some videos are always online through some dot com here's a taste of war find out right now the u.s. tax rates of friends were time is leaving behind three bulls ready for the cia chief he said seating him will change the pentagon's policy. under russian scientists says a meeting with extraterrestrial life is just around the corner he even claim to know what adrian's and look like will get you see also in the home to find out you can take out all our best videos all you. can.
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is. the official. one called talk to me. call me. old girl. you want. to. call. now as mother international stories we're covering today in the sexual assault case against the former i.m.f.
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chief. for the course of the same reclusive you lied about your husband in the time it's also claimed the hotel maid didn't tell the truth. asylum application that's according to u.s. media sources so many he's currently on the house arrest. and charged with seven counts including attempted rape the french national denies the allegations he's due in court later today in that bid to get his bail conditions. his way and president hugo chavez has given his best televised address since undergoing surgery in cuba on the tenth of june to remove a pelvic abscess that is still in operation how do you sleep in carried out to remove a cancerous tumor chavez said he was determined overcome his health issues and this now on course for a full recovery. china is still a great in the ninetieth birthday of its route including its policy which is also the largest party in the world top officials have attended at ground zero many in
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central beijing the thousands gathered to mall today the organization first emerged as a small group of intellectuals but now presides over the world's second largest economy president is in self raised upon his achievements while in power but out of the corruption that cost them the trust and support. now arguably one of the most controversial part of the twentieth century joseph stalin was a dog by itself while for the last few hours he was here shortly to assess the legacy of this small bit meager. this graham piece is called style and i'm going to show off increment painted by alexander get us more in mice in thirty eight years one of the few must is forced to officially work on commission featuring style and i remember that all work hard to celebrate the me that i'm the straight page in the midst of a happy country
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a daunting task for any authors of the time. i hear my. time in just a few minutes people of l. and his guests are great but the nato has a clear vision of how to end the war in libya without more civilian casualties than some crosstalk after our business but isn't. welcome to our business or to hear out see thanks for joining me britain has introduced a new ad to bribery law covering overseas operations of companies doing business in the u.k. it makes little difference for large international firms already compiled with tighter legislation in other countries but smaller companies from emerging
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economies alike you see high pressure now for one of our says i'm joined by robert m. a of coming to an end burling a long piece for me head of anti corruption at the u.k.'s serious fraud office thanks for joining the program so well so much for your sin is the law a challenge for russian companies would london links and why well it certainly can be a challenge for russian companies and really any other company with a link to the u.k. the law says that any company that carries on a business or even part of a business in the u.k. can be subject to the new corporate events and that really is going to significant shift from where we were yesterday in fact the law to see coming into force today. is really giving the prosecutors an extended reach and the serious fraud office in the u.k. the prosecutor for the bribe react. even this morning that they will be looking to make it a priority to go off to foreign companies that disadvantage british business interests
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overseas. and if you think a lot can help russia fight with corruption because it is a problem in this country. well i think it may well play its part but the bribery it is only one part of a long list of obligations that companies have internationally and these obligations are there to ensure that companies act transparently ethically and with integrity and both in their own countries and also internationally including in russia so if a company's activities in russia put it in conflict with those obligations well that company will have to sit back and think whether or not it can do business in russia and that really isn't where russia wants to be you want to be able to say that russia is a great place to do business and i know that russia of course as your viewers will be aware the new law banning driving of foreign public officials and it's also being embraced by the o.e.c.d.
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and that's course very welcome but i think the key here is that in order to remove an impediment to inward investment russia would really need to tackle any mistake corruption first before it goes off to the fore in public officials and if it can do that then i think companies will have much more confidence in investing in the country and without fear that they're going to be criminally prosecuted back at home. where do you think that this law could make the u.k. market less attractive for companies from emerging economies from other countries. no i don't believe that it will companies with the right risk mitigation policies and procedures in place we really have little to worry about there is a defense in the act of having adequate procedures that protects us and shield against wrongful actions from the employer from lawyers or third parties but if you're asking me whether the bribery act makes you less attractive for corrupt
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companies from those emerging markets well in that case the answer is a resounding yes ok so what about the rest of europe do you think that this law could spur like an anti corruption where across other countries in the e.u. . while rather than spurring a wave i think the bribe yet to really is injecting momentum into what is already started there's been a growing recognition now for some time that the damage the real serious damage that corruption does to companies that it's a country's companies both on a human level where the citizens don't get their basic needs met because of the greed of corrupt officials and also from a country's perspective where the rule of law is undermined where economic prosperity is stilted because of corruption. no one can claim a legitimate interest in seeing foreign corrupt officials pocketing their nation's wealth. their fellow citizens live in abject poverty that's simply not right and i
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think that's really where the bribe react comes into its own it's really a new chapter in what has already been happening across the board in foursomes in across europe germany the u.k. we've seen a real upswing but also the wider world if you look at canada they've now had a new corruption conviction which they can boast about in obviously the u.s. for the last seven or eight years has really been blazing a trail in this field with last year taking a reported two billion dollars in fines from companies and having the first criminal conviction in front of a jury of a cunt. they really this is a trend that will continue ok well that's all we time the time we have for thank you robert i may of coming to the girling alkie for me head about the corruption of the u.k. serious fraud fraud office thanks very much for that update. and that's our business update for this hour but i'll forget we're back with more in about forty five minutes meanwhile you can always log the website and i must always tell.
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me to be a little bit. in the.


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